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Saturday, July 15, 2017

The secrets of SAP success

Everyone you speak to, to some level have a lot of "negative" stuff to talk about SAP. It did seem that almost if not all who had implemented it say it is a German Product that "sucks" and they have "suffered" to have been part of the project or using it. Every Consultant (including those making a lot of money out of it) will all continue say how "bad" the software is. 

But why is SAP still around ? Where is PeopleSoft, Baan, Oracle, JD Edwards, I don't keep up with the news of the SAP competitors but SAP seems to be always consistently among if not at the top in Gardner Reports. Every week on Friday at the Training Center, there are consistently at least 20-40 people taking SAP Certification Exam, so many out there aspire to be the next SAP Consultant making it big. 

Why are the companies been "sucked" into SAP is still using it ?
Because they cannot get out of it. 
A lot of big companies plunged into SAP at "their good times", at this present Global Economic situation, to re-implement something else is not easy. Put it this way, SAP is never really an off-the-shelf package that fits different business, all companies using SAP have really spend a lot of resources enhancing the system to fit their needs. It is just impossible to switch it off and do something else. 

Why are consultants who say they hated the software still in it ?
Because of money and they cannot get enough of it. 
A Factory Manager likely only makes $6k to $8k MYR (average), in Malaysia, do you know how much responsibility a Factory Manager holds? An SAP consultant makes $6k - $10 MYR (average), do you think that the responsibilities of the SAP consultant is higher than the Factory Manager! Relatively speaking, the Job of an SAP consultant is really much easier. It is really true as it is SAP consulting is just matching what customer wants, if it cannot be done, just do enhancement via ABAP, that's it. So, although SAP Consultant "bitch" about the software, they are all still in it because of the MONEY. 

Everyone saying "BAD" things about SAP is still in one way or another working within part of the SAP ECO-system all because there are a lot more MONEY to make doing SAP rather than doing something else. 

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