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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Question no 3401 : Reservations in the Maintenance Order

In SAP PM as at ECC6.0 EhP6, which of the following generates a Reservation item scenario for Components created in the Maintenance Order ?

(more than one answers)

A)  Item Category "L" with Material Master.
B)  Item Category "L" without Material Master.
C)  Item Category "N" with Material Master.
D)  Item Category "N" without Material Master.
E)  Item Category "R" with Material Master.

Answer: A, C, D, E or A, E

All of the above except B (which is not possible anyway), creates a Reservations items. However, only A, E scenario can be displayed via MB23 and can be read in the MIGO for Goods Issue. If you view the MO component detail screen, however you can see that the Reservation items are indeed created for case C and D.
You can view the Reservations items in the Table RESB in SE16N for scenario A, C, D, E.
The reason for scenario C, D generates a reservation is for MRP's demand supply balancing relationship as you can set PR not tk be created vua saving/releasing an MO but rather via MRP run.
given that "L" and "R" are stock items where the Reservations are actually used for goods movement and "N" only generates Reservations for MRP purpose; you may opt to only pick A & E as the answer and omit C & D! In this case, you may be right or you may be wrong depending on the perspective the examiner who writes the question!

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