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Friday, May 26, 2017

May the Force of SAP be with You

Q: When R2-D2 cannot solve a problem, where will it first search for a possible solution ? 
A: SAP Notes.

Q: Where did Yoda get his Jedi Training ? 
A: SAP Academy.

Q: Where will all the Jedi's go when they are dead ?
A: SAP Cloud.

Q: What year did Darth Vader met the SAP Founders ?
A: 1972.

Q: What happen in the year 1977 when Star Wars was first Released ? 
A: SAP moved from Weinheim to Walldorf.

Q: Why was "Empire Strikes Back" a successful sequel to the Star Wars movie series ? 
A: Because all the Sales Processing of the sequel was done using SAP SD module release in 1980.

Q: Which Certificate they always forget to issue to successful SAP Certification examinees ? 
A: The Jedi Certificate.

Q: When will SAP issue the Jedi Certificate to SAP Consultants ?
A: When an SAP Consultant successfully passed 25 Certificate Exams.

Q: Who was SAP's first and only Supreme Jedi Master ? 
A: Hasso Plattner, because he had over 100 Certification Exams titles under his Belt.

Q: What was really behind the "Force" in Star Wars ? 
A: Initially was SAP's Life-Cache Technology but today the "Hana" which is 33 times faster.

Q: What is the best training ground for future Jedi ? 
A: a SAP Project.

Q: When did Anakin's Jedi masters know he was leaning towards the dark side? 
A: When Anakin failed ABAP exam the 2nd time.

Q: How was Luke Skywalker trained in such a short time by Yoda?
A: Because Yoda used the ASAP methodology.

Q: Why does Vader appears in the original film trilogy and still appear in Rogue One after 40 years ? 
A: Because he fully embraces the SAP Echo-System.

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