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Saturday, April 15, 2017

How many Consultants to implement an SAP Project

How many Consultants it takes to implement an SAP Project ? 

None: Do it yourself.

One: Get Jacky Chan or Chuck Norris as either one can do it all. 

Two: One to write the Blue Print (the senior), One to implement the Blue Print (the junior).

Three: The Senior who is usually the Freelancer with write the Blue Print, then the Junior who is usually a permanent staff who may or many not know anything about changing a light bulb but will try to see what he/she can do by following the Blue Print PLUS a Developer because all projects needs Development. (I do mean All SAP Projects)

Four: The Senior, Junior, Support Consultant, and the Developer. Once go life, the Junior who has just implemented the project will now brief the Support Consultant for After-Go-Life support 

Five: The Senior, Junior, Support Consultant, and the Developer PLUS a Project Manager if the customer can afford it. Otherwise, the Fantastic 3 ie the Junior, Support Consultant and Developer have to "Chap Sang"; why not the Senior because he/she is a freelance and cannot be contacted anymore after the Blue Print was written. 

Six: The Senior, Junior, Support Consultant, Developer, Project Manager PLUS an Integration Consultant who try to find the missing links left over by the Senior who wrote the Blue Print but now busy writing other Blue Prints and therefor cannot be contacted as he is a freelance which is chargeable if need to be spoken to. 

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