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Saturday, February 25, 2017

SAP Software Development Process

  • Customer request for a development.
  • Immediately announce availability of consultant to make proposal.
  • Write the proposal as vague as possible to get sign-off, anyway its only about budget as if the customer have money they will sure sign-off, too much work at this point no meaning anyway. The customer also can use your detail spec to ask for a lower quote by some other partner consultant.
  • Chase for the Sign-off within the validity period of the Quotation.
  • Write the Spec.
  • Important to get customer sign off the Spec before development.
  • Let them be aware "No changes allowed" after signing off the Specs. (usually a claws that says only minor cosmetic changes allowed at UAT and grace period of 30 days after go-life for any bugs fixing according to the Specs only)
  • Developer will now do the coding.
  • Consultant do the testing.
  • Write the manual for UAT.
  • Ship.
  • Customer Test (the customers are a big help here, make sure the customer sign off each document of the test scenario).
  • Minor changes to cosmetic allowed (make sure customer sign off to show such changes were acknowledged and processed despite the sign off)
  • After go-life, allow the 30 days to past.
  • After 30 days, Identify any future requirements the customer feel necessary, these are potential enhancement projects.
  • Announce the upgrade program for the enhancements.
  • Go through the cycle again.

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