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Saturday, February 4, 2017

MRP 2 view Procurement Type class discussion

Student: Please explain to me the MRP 2 data view's Procurement Type field ?
Teacher: "E" is for In-house Production and "F" is for External Procurement.

Student: Why not "I" for In-House Production, and "E" for External Procurement ?
Teacher: Because ("F"remdbeschaffung or 分地必作风) in German word is for External Procurement, and ("E" rzeugung or 二叔公) in German word is for Production.

Student: But is it not a Global software ?
Teacher: But it was originally built in German for the German Industry.

Student: Why don't they change it since the software is now globally deployed in so many countries.
Teacher: Paused ... thinking of an answer.

Student: If you say it is the origin of German words that resulted in "E" for In-house Production and "F" for External Procurement (Purchasing). But in German words ("E"rwerbung") which starts with an "E" means Purchasing and ("F"ertigung) which starts with an "F" means Production; then why not "E" for Purchasing and "F" for Production.
Teacher: Paused ... scratching his head ...

Student: Why does SAP wants to called it External Procurement, why don't they just call it Purchasing and Production. What is the all fuss of calling it External Procurement and In-house Production ?
Teacher: Looking at the clock for tea break time .. Paused ...

Student: OK. But you said earlier that External Procurement also means Purchasing from a Vendor as well as Internal Transfer between Plants via an STO. Since there came up with the terminology called External Procurement and In-house Production, then why not another terminology called Internal Procurement for Plant to Plant transfers ?
Teacher: A little annoyed ... still Paused .. looking for an answer

Student: I suggest to you like this, why not change the Procurement Type "E" for External Procurement", "I" for Internal Procurement (Plant-to-Plant transfer), and "P" for Production. Don't you think that will solve the problem.
Teacher: That's a good idea.

Student: But where are they not doing according to my thinking ?
Teacher: Why don't you give me your CV.

Student: Why my CV.
Teacher: So that I can send to SAP Germany, you can apply for a Job there as a Developer in SAP Germany and make these changes for the better of the rest of the World.

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