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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Thanks to Hasso Plattner

 Hasso Plattner is Primus Inter Pares of the Divine Trinity.

He invented SAP, he is the Father of SAP.

Without him, I wouldn't have worked on SAP.

Many of our livelihoods has been depended on this Job, although some cursed it daily, but still not quitting, because it puts food on our tables. So, be grateful. 

Being an SAP Consultant, you just bring your Brain to work. And if you are good at it, you damn will and if you want, you can really make a lot of money. One can be a business man, but a business man has a lot to think about, not just the prospectus of business in the future but also a lot of fixed expenses (overheads) to deal with. An SAP Consultant just needs to bring his/her Brain to work. If a project fails, he/she just walk away and go do another project, that's how it is, there is really nothing to loose. And if an SAP Consultant does his/her job well, the sky is the limit.

That is why every week, so many aspired SAP Consultants attending the SAP Academy and sitting for SAP Certifications. Because they all want to make it BIG in SAP. They all want to retire early, they all want MONEY, and Lots of MONEY. 

Thanks to Hasso Plattner. 

He created not just a software, it is not just an Empire but a Planet of people using and working on SAP, a Cult of followers, and money making machines. Think about it, a Manager in a factory in 2016 in KL may be earning a maximum of $12,000 - $15,000 per month, and that is likely a multinatoonal company but an SAP Consultant who just shows you how to click to get into a transaction earns the same if not more. Other SAP Consultants who can show you beyond the simple menu click can earn up to $200,000 per month and Tax free if you work in Brunei or the Middle East. In Europe, it is 800 Euro per hour! 

Hasso, 71 years of age today, a Tech Guru, a Billionaire, very passionate about Education, and even good at jokes in his presentations (seen many of it all these years). Few years ago, he even said that "Software design is not just technology but a Fine Art which needs lots of Creativity ..."

You may not like the software, and the challenges you have to face every day working on SAP. But while you are cursing and swearing the problems you are facing, you are still doing it. Why ? Deep down, you may just hate the company you are working for but you have falling in love with the software. You have falling in love with the work, along the way you did get your reward monthly.

All of us in someway have a Love Hate relationship with SAP. 
I am still passionate about it everyday. 
Without it, we wouldn't have met. 

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