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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Kambing dengan SAP Consultant

One day, a young man called Ah Beng was driving on a road in Meru, it was during the Week of Raya; So, the road was very very much quieter than usual. 

He saw a really, i mean really big herd of Kambing (Sheep), an Indian boy called Mutu was in front the the herd. Ah Beng stopped the car in front of the herd. Miraculously, all the Kambing  too stopped and start grazing the grass on the road side.

Mutu was a timid boy, and stepped back a little held tightly onto his big stick. Ah Beng, dressed in his YSL smart shirt with designer tie walked out of his Volkswagen Beetle 2016 model. 

Ah Beng approached Mutu and said to him,

"Vannakam,  no school today ? Hello ... What's your name ?"

Mutu did his Indian slight head shake and told Ah Beng his name.

Ah Beng then said,

“If I guess how many kambing you do have, you give me one of them, can arr ?” 

Mutu turned his head to look at his herd of kambing and then said, 

Ah Beng then went to this Volkswagen and took out his Notebook, he booted it while plugging up the Printer to the power source from the Beetle. Ah Beng logged in and opened 6 session (that's the max, you know, at least per User Login), he executed the APO Optimization logic screen, looked up and scan the environment then start to enter the environmental variables as the Optimization parameters. He then "Run" the Genetic Algorithm in PPDS, it took just a split second as it was Hana-Enabled. Then he CIFted the planning results back to ECC7 EhP7 to check the planning results on MD04; Ah Beng noded his head at hit the Print button. The paper showed 128."

Ah Beng then arrogantly said to Mutu,
"It's 128"

Mutu looked at him, in disbelief but no choice, and handed in an animal to Ah Beng. 

Ah Beng wasn't really want to take the animal as to him, it was 
just a challenge in his everyday job. While Ah Beng was thinking what to do next with the animal; Mutu then asked him,

"Can I ask you a question ... If I can guess your job, would you give me back the animal ? "

Ah Beng said,
"Oh, Why not ? "

Mutu then said,
"You are an SAP Consultant."

Ah Beng said,
"Haiz, OK, you can have your animal back but how did you know."

Mutu said,
“Very simple, first, you come here without being called. Second, you charge me a kambing to tell me something I already knew. Third, you do not understand anything about what I do, because you took my anjing !” 


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