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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Warning and Error Messages

We all know too well about 

SAP's "Warning" and "Error" Messages.

An SAP Consultant was Smoking where he takes his break after fedup with a series of continuous Abap Dumps, a lady standing nearby said to him
" Can't you recognize the Warnings of Smoking, Smoking is Injurious to Health....! "

The SAP Consultant replied
" We are bothered only about Errors, not Warnings !!"

Next day, the SAP Consultant speed past the Red Traffic Light
his wife next to him scolded him
" Don't you know it's dangerous driving to hit the Red Lights "

The SAP Consultant replied
" Sorry Dear, but we never bothered about Warnings, Errors are just our daily life, it means nothing to us !! "

The same SAP Consultant went for an Eye Check after a very long 9 months projects on the new S4Hana for Logistics, 
The Optometrist pointed out all colors and the SAP Consultant
could only tell 2 colors which is Yellow, and Red
The Optometrist then said
" You have a serious issue of Color Blind "

The SAP Consultant replied
" Doc!, for the past 9 months in SAP I only know Yellow is Warning and Red is Error, and I have been seeing more Reds in the past 9 months more than my entire working life"

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