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Saturday, November 5, 2016

If SAP made Rice Cookers

The instruction manual to use the Rice cooker would likely be over 1000 pages long.

The Rice cooker would come with pre-configured switches (the number of switches are highly configurable) which would all have to be set in an exact pattern and in a precise sequence in order to cook any type of rice grain from any country. 

Each pattern would be established by our SAP's experts as the "Best Practices" method of cooking all kinds of rice.

It would take a team of Basis and Functional Consultants about 6 months to Configure the Rice Cooker in the best possible manner, and then another 1 months to test it.

Mom and Dad would have to attend the user acceptance test 1 month before the delivery of the Rice Cooker, Mom and Dad will also be the trained to train other family members on how to use the new Rice Cooker.

1 month before the delivery of the configured Rice Cooker, the entire family would need to attend extensive End-User training classes on how to use the new Rice Cooker.

In order to support the end user family and the consultants, SAP will setup something in the cloud for everyone to post questions and answers regarding Rice Cooker set-up and its methods of operation. 

Of course, the online Help would be supported only in German Language. However, with a VO (variable order), we can hire 
a team of consultants from China and India to make the translation to any Language for you.

If this project goes well, it will be a reference site and SAP will delivery an Industrial Solution package for Rice Cooker. In time, a Certification Program will be in place to certify SAP Rice Cooker Consultants. The future looks bright for SAP Consulting in Rice Cooker.

Don't worry, as once it is running, you'd get the best Rice Cooker in the world. Rice Cookers Runs SAP now.

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