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Monday, October 3, 2016

Question no 3266 : Maintenance Notification Status update

In SAP PM as at ECC6.0 EhP6, which of the following will update the Maintenance Notification header system status to ATCO ?

(only one answer)

A)  All task are set with TSCO.
B)  All task are set with TSSC.
C)  All task are set with TSCO and TSSC.
D)  All task are set with TSCO and all activities are set with TSSC.
E)  All task and activities are set with TSCO.

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  1. Answer: A

    TSCO (Task Completed)
    TSSC (Task Successful)
    When all task set with TSCO that the Notification is set with ATCO (All Task Completed)


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