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Sunday, October 2, 2016

It's Monday and Time to Log into SAP

I know it's Monday.

You have not logged into SAP for 2 days since Friday evening or were you  still logged into an SAP system over the weekends !

If you have not logged in for awhile, by now; you are so eager to enter a transaction code and execute a program, that satisfaction of clicking the SAVE button or the EXECUTE button.

To some of us, it's better than SEX. 

It is more than the after taste of a Starbucks Coffee, the Satisfaction is Long Lasting. 

SAP is more than an addiction, It's more than just your everyday coffee from Starbucks or your Favorite Nasi Lemak, Chee Cheong Fun, or Char Keow Teow. 

Men used to have their car as their second wife, now they have SAP as their second wife when they are not in their car ... LOL ! SAP can be a better companion when I am not with my camera.

So far, you still cannot drive and log into SAP at the same time. But one day you will be able to run SAP transactions while driving. Well, not until SAP invented a way to execute transactions using voice commands which probably not too surprising in Hasso's mind now planning for SAP S8/Hana in the Cloud. 
SAP Consultants are more than just Substance Abused Professionals. I was addicted to SAP for more than 10 years averaging not less than 14 - 18 hours a day until the day I resigned from SAP at 40. Once I logged in, I never wanted to log out. I love that command box, I really am into clicking the Execute button. It's such a beautiful thing. I admit, I was once a Substance Abused Professional. 

I started with MM, then PP, SD, QM, PM, CS, LDM, WM, APO, LE, CO-PCP, PS ... I stopped ... when I felt it was just not right to know so many things. My mind was too crowded already when SAP introduce the Cloud. 

My SAP Journey was a lonely one, my wife never understood what I was doing. I think she will be paranoid when I tell her what is MM, PP, SD, QM, PM, CS, WM, APO, LDM, LE, CO-PCP, and PS. You know it's tough being one person to keep up with all the changes and updates actually done by an entire SAP kingdom of developers on all the 12 areas that I worked on. 

I am already tired, and it's Monday. 

Lets Login to SAP now. 

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