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Saturday, October 22, 2016

How Babies are Delivered

In the World of SAP Project:

SAP Project Manager: is a Person who thinks Nine women can deliver a baby in One month.

SAP Developer: Is a Person who thinks a single woman can deliver a baby in any number of months given as long as the Technical specifications to "How to" has been given to him.

SAP Pre-Sales Architect: Is one who thinks that a single woman can deliver nine babies in one month.

SAP Sales Director: If he can get nine woman to be pregnant at the same time, then he can get nine babies in nine months.

Client: Is one who knows that it takes a man, a woman and nine months to deliver a Twin or Triplet depending on the amount of money he has invested in the Project.

SAP Marketing Manager: Is a person who thinks that a child can be delivered whether a man and woman is available or not.

The SAP Resource Coordinator: Thinks that No man nor woman is needed to make babies, and it is possible to produce a child with zero resources.

Documentation Consultant: Will not bother about how a child is delivered, he will just Document everything that happened in the 9 months.

SAP QA Auditor: This is the only person who will never be happy with the Process and Procedures to produce babies.

SAP Consultant: This person can deliver a baby in any number of month set by the Project Manager, it used to be 18 months, then not longer ago 12 months, when Economics was bad it went to 9 months, now the current standard is to deliver a baby in 6 months or less !

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