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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Nothing to Worry

Delete and Re-create at least 3 times 
before you give up ...

Go for a tea-break or lunch
when you come back
it will be fine ...
If you have friends on SAP
Ask them
Start Gooling
It may or may not help
But that could be the only source
Try SCN OSS Notes 
Try them all

Go home if it's already late
wait for tomorrow
not much point to worry about it

when tomorrow you go to work
Start on a clean sheet of paper
Think outside the box

Ask the customer or user 
To trace every step they did 
that ended with
the error
And simulate those steps yourself 

if it still does not work yet,
There is nothing to worry about
Get Development to debug

Still not working
No worries 
Its just a piece of Software 
Submit the issue to SAP OSS

SAP, Customer, Users, Developers,
You youself

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