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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Typical day of an SAP Consultant at Work

Typical day of an 
SAP Consultant at work

1. Arrive in Office
2. Log into SAP screen and make sure its brightly lighted,
so the boss know you arrived.

3. Go get a Starbuck with your Tumbler ($2 off ma)

4.  Come back to the desk, Read Emails

5. Play Solitaire

6. Surf the Web

7. Reply some Emails

8. Have lunch with other SAP Consultants for some gossiping,
while outside office, likely hunt for some Pokemon. 

9. Attend Meeting

10. Play Solitaire while attending Meeting 

11. Read Email

12. Maybe another Starbuck with your Tumbler ($2 off ma) 

13. Surf the Web

14. Send more Email out, cc to many people

15. At least do one or two SAP Transactions

16. Play Solitaire while waiting the Transaction to Posts.

17. Read Email

18. Quickly Reply some Emails.

19. Log out from SAP

20. Have Dinner with other SAP Consultants to do more gossiping,
if alone maybe wonder around aimlessly to hunt for some Pokemon.

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