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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Say the Right Things

In SAP, to be an Expert
you need to learn to say the
Right Things at the Right Time

Here are 10 of those
( I have heard these statements more than one time 
working on SAP Projects in the past years,
it is really how the WAY a successful SAP Consultant
can professionally say things to get away easily
without the Customer noticing)

1. This is not likely possible 
but it could likely 
also be possible but it depends.
(see how poetic at the same time not offending
and yet nothing was really said)

2. It may not be my module causing it
but an investigation will require consultants from several teams, 
but now we are busy, still we will see if time permits us to do that.

3. Ask Dr Wong, 
he is the appointed Subject Matter Expert.

4. Not the Current Release
In a meeting, you can hear some Consultants saying the following,
You have an interesting requirement, but I think it is 
not in the current Release, it could however be in the next Release,
we will keep track on the upcoming Release features and 
let you know when time permits.

5. Don't Upgrade Yet, let it Stable
Another good one I often hear. 
I have heard it's fixed in the next Release, but 
don't upgrade yet, wait until it is Stable.

6.  Out of Scope strategy
This one is really classic.
What you require is very important but unfortunately, 
it is Out of Scope, but don't worry, we will note it down.
So that your management knows about it 
and in case budget allows a VO will be issued,
and please sign the Variable Order in order 
to proceed with the Solutioning of your 
Out of Scope requirements.
(Since it require Boss signature,
no more questions from the floor)

7. We need a Z-Table on this one
Whenever someone is not sure about what can or 
cannot be done, you will usually hear this, 
we will provide you a Z-Table.
Or in other cases, we will create a User-Exit
to address this issue. 

8. We need to ask SAP on this one
When all else fails, the Partner Consultant will 
always blame SAP and ask to refer back to SAP. 
This is not wrong as the software is owned by SAP. 
And its always the quickest way to 
Point the finger back to SAP. 

9. It is a Bug but OSS cannot find anything
Yes, it's really creepy sometimes, 
the SAP Help function does not say much 
when you click ?,
You cannot find any related SAP Notes from OSS,
you have exhausted your efforts or did you,
the best thing to say is 
"It is a Bug", LOL

10. What Steps you did to arrive at this Point
Now, this one is important, it's really not a Joke.
Often time, the customer or user take for granted
and complain about an issue, 
many times it is difficult to simulate 
the similar outcoming 
without knowing the actual steps the customer
did to arrive at the problem.
So, ask that question persistently.

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