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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Going to Training at Hyderabad

The State of Andhra Pradesh
produces SAP Consultants like nobody's business
there is this one street in Hyderabad
that is the most famous for the Production of SAP Consultants.

I have heard this from an Indian friend,
who comes to teach in our country occasionally.

The story goes like this ...
But I have adapted the story to my taste 

If you take a trip to Hyderabad, 
the moment you landed at its Airport
and try to take a Taxi, 

The Taxi man will ask you
"Why are you here in our beautiful State of Andhra Pradesh ?"

You likely will answer
"I am coming to attend a Training here"

The Taxi man will reply 
"Oh, let met must be attending SAP training,
but mind if I ask, 
what kind of SAP training you are going to attend"

For example, you answer the following
"Some training in Purchasing, 
as you want to say MM, afraid he may not understand"

The Taxi man will reply 
"Oh! there used to called it MM and later Procurement,
But now it is caled the PTP process, 
sorry!, I mean Puchase-to-Pay,
there is an Academy now running on this track 
At Hyberabad, I can bring you there if you want"

Before you could say anything,
The Taxi man continues,
"But I don't think it is such a good course,
as the percentage of people attending this class
has dropped to less then 1% of the total course based on last weeks Statistics
and the failure rate in the exam is almost 50%.
Even I have attend the MM training many years ago
in the Part time Academy for 3 months, 
it was a wrong decision for me as my colleagues
who drove taxi as well opted fro FICO training,
an now doing good money in Malaysia
as a FICO consultant instead of driving Taxi.
I would suggest you to take
a newly launched Academy
called HALOMAMA,
oh!, sorry for the acronyms, 
it is
Hana for Logistics for Material Management Applications,
Not a whole lot of people know about this course,
I can bring you there now.
You know, Hana is the the 
In-thing now in Hyberabad."

Finishing his sentence,
The Taxi man reached for his front compartment
and took out a piece of paper
and said

"Here is the brochure and the enrollment form, 
it is very important you book it now, 
I can help you to book it
as I am connected to the SAP Cloud"

it's the crazy world of SAP
 at the State of Andhra Pradesh in India.

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