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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Requirement Study and Solutioning for a Customer

Here is a Challenge for you
to test your "Solutioning" Skills.

The Requirement is as follows:

You need to design something so that the 
waking time of a Customer is synchronized 
with the Sun Rise so that he/she can 
wake up and go to work on time.

An SAP Consultant provided this solution, 

"Lets Re-design the house so that when the first ray
of sun hits the horizon, a signal will be transmitted 
to the Satellite, a software will be written 
to extrapolate the calculations with a specially
designed algorithm provided by SAP's APO system,
this algorithm will be so powerful and intelligent 
that you don't need to understand it.
This is quite complex as it will involve 
more than Mixed-Integer Linear Programming 
as well as Genetic Algorithm.
The results from the combined Algorithms will then
be CIFted (Core-Interfaced) back to the backend 
ERP system where a program will be written to automatically 
generate a Maintenance Notification in the 
Plant Maintenance with a default Task Code from the Task Catalog
where by the document will be 
beamed using a separate module which requires 
development as it will trigger a signal to a 
head band which the customer must wear during 
his/her sleep, In this way, the customer 
will 100% wake up on time everyday, see
All these will be provided in the Hana Solution
so all calculations are done in the Speed of Hana"

The Samsung Smart Phone Sales Man
would say,
Please buy any Samsung Smart Phone
which has an Alarm
(which by the way can be sync to 
the time of SunRise)

(A version of this SAP Joke I heard
from an Indian Consultant when
teaching in SAP Singapore)

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