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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Question no 3197 : Storage Location Material Master

In SAP MM as at ECC6.0 EhP7,  the Storage Location data view in the Material Master allows you setup what planning and control parameters ?

(more than one answer)

A)   Stocks to be ignored by MRP.
B)   Re-Order level.
C)   Planned Separately at the Storage Location level.
D)   MRP type.
E)   Special Procurement indicator.


  1. A) You can set a Storage Location for storing scrap and to be ignore by MRP, it will be segmented as "Not Planned" in the Stocks Requirements List.

  2. B) A Re-Order level can be set for each Storage Location to faciliate similar to consumption based planning at the Plant level.

  3. C, E) You can planned separately for each storage location (prior to MRP area, this is used), however, you do need to couple with Special Procurement indicator/key to decide the replenishment method.


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